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welcome to the desert of the real


Fill my ears with nonsense
Invoke nature
But whose nature?

Shackled by language
Between two poles
The limits of human imagination

You tell me it doesn't make sense
Molded the world in your image
Ask questions you've already answered
Order and chaos freely co-exist

Fill my ears with nonsense
Reveal your nature
Not my nature

Shackled by language
Always in pairs
The limits of human knowledge

And when the world starts to bend
You still won't see me clearly
The foundation shakes and falls away
Outside of what once confined us

I speak of these meaningless abstractions
Like freedom, truth, friendship, integrity
We impregnate these symbols with meaning
Beyond the emptiness that they imply
How can I move forward in my existence
When what I hold most dear is inside me
We seek an ideology with words and concepts to fit our daily lives and give us tools to act
What I know is what I think and feel is as good as any truth
And every moment replays again and again and again
At once as tragedy and farce


from Depths of Reality 7", released October 13, 2016



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