Depths of Reality: The Demo

by Depths of Reality

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released July 15, 2014

Vocals - Miguel X
Guitar - Ill Gil
Guitar - Dooley
Bass - Keith the Free Man
Drums - Jaybo
Recorded by Jaybo and Jack
Mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios



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Depths of Reality

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Track Name: Keith's Song
How can you tell me what I do is wrong?
Tell me these ideas weren't here before
But can you seriously say
Before this there was nothing?
Track Name: Revolution 101
For all you want to change
It always stays the same

And you turn your nose up at me?
For what

For all you want to change
For all you say you do
Pat yourself on the back
Then you're through
Track Name: Aspirations
Everywhere I look around
Everything I fucking see
Something to aspire to

Another fucking path to walk
A guarantee of success
To that I say fuck you

How I wanna live

I don't believe in a greater plan
I won't behave how I'm told
This world's mission isn't mine
I'll make it on my own
Track Name: Echo Chamber
All you ever hear are copy cats and clones
When you open up your mouth something stupid always comes out
You live in an echo chamber

Copy cats and clones
You're surrounded with
To make you feel better
And you know it
Track Name: Tomb
You tell me it's my problem to solve
I don't believe that at all
You've made your fucking bed
And it's where you'll be laid to rest

Won't let you drag me down

Strap myself to the tracks for you?

You tell me it's my problem to solve
I don't believe that at all
As the train runs across your chest
This is where you'll be laid to rest
Track Name: Depths of Reality
We're all different
As you can see
We're the Depths of Reality

No need to be the same
Don't be afraid
Because you can see
The Depths of Reality